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NOTICE: If you are a subordinate organization, be sure to use your own employer identification number (EIN). Do not use the EIN of your parent organization or another subordinate organization.

This system automatically generates the 990-N (e-Postcard) for the organization's most recently ended tax period and will not allow the filing of a prior year e-Postcard. Although filing a prior year e-Postcard is not required by the IRS, a prior year e-Postcard may be filed for a fee through other IRS approved online providers. Click here for a list of IRS approved providers.

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If you do not remember your login ID: For tax exempt organizations, your login ID starts with the EIN of your organization (without the dash/hyphen) plus two digits. The two digits are placed at the end of the EIN and are 01 for the first person who prepares the organizationís 990-N (e-postcard). That login ID does not change until a new person takes over preparing the Form 990-N. The new person would obtain their own login ID - which will end with 02. So for EIN 55-5555555, the first login ID would be 55555555501. The Login ID for the second person who prepares the Form 990-N would be 55555555502. The Login ID for the person after that would be 55555555503 and so on. If the same person prepares the Form 990-N each year, their login ID does not change from year to year.

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Last modified: December 30, 2013.