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Our Privacy Policy

Personal Login Information: The personal information you provide to us when you request a login ID will not be given, sold, or otherwise provided to any individual or organization that is not involved with the 990-N (e-Postcard) process. This information (with the exception of your email address) WILL be made available to the IRS as part of the filing process. We do not send your email address to the IRS.

System Emails: Our system may occasionally send you an email to let you know the status of your login ID request or your e-Postcard submission. These emails are an integral part of the e-Postcard filing process. You may not opt out of these emails. If you do not provide a valid email address, you will not be able to activate your login ID and, as a result, you will not be able to use the system.

Form 990-N (E-Postcard) Information: The information you provide in your e-Postcard is public information. This information is made available to you, our Tech support personnel and the IRS on our web site (in the form of images of your Form 990-N filing as well as the raw data). In addition, the IRS will make the e-Postcard information available to the public.

Cookies: You must have cookies enabled to use this website. This system uses cookies to keep track of your session while you are using the e-Postcard system. Once you leave the website the cookies are deleted from your computer.

Last Updated: November 6, 2007

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